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My three-legged furbaby

Aug 21

Meet Trio

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I got Trio in August of 2015 a little before he was 8 weeks old. He lost his right-hind leg after birth due to his umbilical cord was wrapped around his foot. He only lost his foot so he had the rest of the leg. On August 18th, he went into surgery to get the rest of his leg removed due to infection. He came home that night and he was in extreme pain. Three days later, he is now doing much better and is healing quickly. I have noticed that his temperment has changed. He used to never want to be held or pet and now that is all he wants. Has anyone else had this experience too?

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  1. kazann
    7:42 pm - 8-21-2016

    My tripawd kitty Mona always cuddled. During her amputation recovery she was most comfortable with me stroking her. Now, 2 years later she DEMANDS stroking, brushing and cuddling. She doesn’t like it when my other cat is on my lap and bites his butt to get him off. Maybe they discover how good touch feels. Trio is so adorable. Look forward to more photos. Happy cuddles.
    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    • kayjaie
      11:50 am - 8-25-2016

      I hope he stays this way. I love the cuddles!!

  2. hester
    7:49 pm - 8-21-2016

    What a beautiful, plush kitty Trio is! I would be delighted if he wanted me to hold and pet him! 🙂

    I have such a soft spot for solid grey cats – I don’t have one right now, but they are secretly my favorite.

    Not surprised he needs some comforting. It may be temporary, but it shows he trusts and needs you. Very sweet.

  3. otisandtess
    12:10 am - 8-22-2016

    What a cutie! Remember that this is major surgery, and he is on a lot of meds still (including the vet hospital meds). It’s not surprising to me that he has become a Velcro cat. When my Tess has her cruciate repair, the vet specifically warned me about that (as in, stay put in one room with her so she doesn’t injure the knee trying to follow you around). He should get back to normal around day 10 or so. For now, just enjoy the cuddles!

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